Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family update

Dear Everyone that checks daily to see if my stupid blog has been updated,
I am so sorry our blog is the lamest blog on the block!!! I really do have intentions of being an avid blogger, but because I stupidly agreed with my husband to give dial up, yes, you read that correctly, dial up.....a try my computer is too dang slow to upload any fabulous pictures. I tried three times today, and cuss words almost came out of my mouth...and since there are small innocent children around, I decided to give up on the blog for today. So I will just write an entry..which is better than nothing.
Well as you can all see, little mackenzie made her entrance to life on st. patties day. That was fun. My mom, sister and I made all the nurses and hospital staff chocolate covered pretzels with green sprinkles to celebrate the Irish....what is st. patricks day for anyways???? Mackenzie is the best baby ever. She is always smiling and laughing. She is such a joy to have around. She has been sleeping all night since she was about 2 months old and loves to sleep during the day. Love the kid, what can I say.
Braden is 2 1/2 and he is crazy. He definelty keeps me on my toes. He is in a spitting stage. He thinks its funny. Since my biggest nightmare is him spitting at someone at church or something, all he gets in his sippy cup is water. He is a funny kid. He has a little bit of a speech delay, but the words he can say are, wow wow, oh no, uh oh, wash, shoes, NO, and my favorite Josh. He loves to call josh by his first name. I think its a crack up. The other day I went to wal mart really quick and Braden saw a man in a wheel chair and pointed and really loudly said "oh wow, wow, wow...." I was a little embarrassed.
Josh has been busy working as a junior project manager for Okland Construction. They are building a cancer treatment center of america. He loves it. He has been super busy. He is taking the LSAT in october and applying to law school for the fall of 2009.
As for me, being a mom has kept me pretty busy. I have about 10 pounds of baby weight left to loose. I am currently on weight watchers and really think its easy. I have lost 10 pounds so far.....i want to loose 40 more by christmas...thats my goal. think i can do it?
I promise I will get some pictures up soon!!!!