Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The importance of education

The past couple of years I have been longing to go back to school. These past couple of weeks it has really really been on my mind. I have been debating if its the right time or if it is the right thing to do. Growing up I always thought that my only role in life was to be mother. I know that being a wife and mother are the most important things that I will ever be, but I have realized that I can also accomplish so much more. I need to use the talents that I have been given and also find new ones. Today I am so excited to say that the debates going on in my head are over. My sister showed me a wonderful quote from president Hinckley from a talk he gave in the November 2006 Liahona.

It says this....
"Relief society stands for education. It is the obligation of every woman of this church to get all the education she can. It will enlarge her life and increase her opportunities. I will provide her with marketable skills in case she needs them.

Now the hard part is making up my mind on what I want to do. I would love to be a nurse. Before my mission my major was dental hygiene. aaaahhhhh. I welcome any suggestions. I will keep you all updated on my adventure.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

mommy grandma monkey pumpkin

Oh my little braden has done it again....made me wonder. He has been talking alot more these past couple weeks thanks to his wonderful therapist helping us out. We have all learned alot. Ever since we started getting Braden help, he has been blooming. He is talking alot more and starting to make alot more sense. He has a new self confidence. Since he is learning alot of new words, I am being called a number of wonderful things. Braden started out calling me mommy....then after we returned home from our fun california trip at my mom's, I was then called grandma for a little bit. This last week I some how got the name "monkey". He loves to run up to me and give me these fabulous hugs in which he yells the name of the imagine a toddler running to his mother yelling "MONKEY!!!!!!" sad right? I swear I do my hair and wear make up on a daily basis...just so people don't drive by and yell hurtful things such as "hey you ugly monkey, get out of my way etc." Its a fear of mine....really...and Braden doesn't help when he is screaming "monkey" at the top of his lungs. anyways, this morning when I recieved my fabulous morning hug I was called "Pumpkin". Again, I am thinking my child is trying to say I shaped like a pumpkin? ugh, what will he call me next? I think this week I will teach him to say super model!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The men in my life......(sigh)


Halloween was alot of fun this year. Braden actually decided to participate. Last year he didn't want to wear his costume or go up to the door to trick or treat. Last year he basically walked around in a white onesie....people were really confused to what he was. We just started saying he was a white trash baby....some laughed some didn't. Anyways, this year he was supposed to be a firefighter, but didn't want to put on the adorable costume that Julie let me borrow. so we ended up with this interesting train costume. its james from thomas by the way. Once all of the other kids that we went trick or treating with got on their costumes, braden decided to join in the fun. Mackenzie on the other hand had no choice. Julie also let me borrow her fabulous ballerina costume. Mackenzie would give me these funny looks every once in a while like "i hate you for this mom." It was funny. We had dinner that night at julie and scott's house. Gosh Julie, Halloween wouldnt have happened without you and scott....thanks!!!! Anyways, it was a fun night. Now we are even closer to Christmas.....yay!!!!!!

let the games begin........

Well the wonderful day has arrived my friends.....Braden has used the potty....thats right, Braden has used the potty and really actually enjoys it I think. The other day I was changing his diaper and realized that I didn't have my diapers close by so he got up to run around before I could get back to put on his diaper.(dont worry, he was already clean by that point) Anyways, I asked him if he wanted to try the big boy potty and instead of screaming no, he wanted to try it out. He did number one and two. HOLY COW. I am very proud of the little man.....but where do I go from here? I obviously have never potty trained anyone before so all of you mom's out there need to give me some ideas. I am a bit intimidated of starting the potty training experience. I hear so many bad things. So, any input is appreciated!!!! HELP!!!!!!!