Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Journey here we come!!!!

I don't know how many people know this, but I am a huge classic rock fan.....and I love going to concerts..any concert. Every year I give poor Josh a hard time because for the past couple of years that we have been married, my favorite band "styx" has come to town. I remember when I had just moved here after my mission to pursue Josh styx came. I was sure that Josh, being the romantic that he is would have surprised his fabulous new fiance with tickets to see them.....lets just say there were no tickets...it was almost a deal breaker I tell ya. Well lets just say every year since I have lived here, (4 to be exact) they have come in concert.....still no tickets. Finally a couple of months ago Josh and I were having a bit of an argument and I decided to bring up my lack of styx tickets and how I am deprived of some of the most basic things that a woman could ever need or want. So......my birthday rolled around here in september and one morning Josh called me from work and said, "hey I tried to find you styx tickets, but they are not touring anymore here in arizona, but Journey is....and I bought us tickets!" Let me just say, my heart stopped...for two reasons. One, styx is no longer touring out here....I want to die. Second, Josh actually purchased something for more than $10.00 on his own...with out my begging first. I love him! I am so excited. Journey is coming here on this friday night. I can't wait. Josh totally scored brownie points on this one...(not that he needed to). I will take my camara so we can take pictures of any concert weirdos other than ourselves!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

He's thankful

Today was a day that I don't think I will ever ever forget. As a lot of you know, Braden has a speech delay. (there will be many more posts about his progress with his speech therapist later). Anyways, this morning I made brownies before church. I decided that Braden needed a brownie. I put him up in his chair and hooked on his little tray and went and cut him a brownie. I put it on his tray and turned around to take a little bite of one myself. As soon as I turned around, I heard him start to mumble like he always does, but this time it sounded different. When I turned back around to see what he was doing, I saw him there with his little arms folded and his head bowed. He was blessing his brownie. Of course I am proud of my little man, but I think it was a big reminder of how precious our little ones are to our heavenly father because he understands their language even when we may not. I hope he continues through his life knowing he can pray about anything...even a brownie.

Braden and Josh-first father and son's campout

mackenzie's first time with real food

Well mackenzie had her first run with "real" food the other day. She isn't really a big fan so far. When you put it in her mouth she looks at you like "why am I being punished...why do you feed me such discusting junk." Then she spits it out and shivers. Its pretty funny, we really need to be video taping such funny things. At this point I don't think that she will ever eat solid food. I can just see her going out to dinner with some cute guy one day, and shivering everytime she puts something in her mouth.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mackenzie's six month check up

This morning Mackenzie had her six month check up.....and 5 horrible shots. :( Anyways, here are her stats:

weight is 16 pounds 5 ounces which puts her in the 54 percentile
I cant remember what her height was, but for that she is in the 42 percentile
and for head size, those of you who know my children know that Josh is wondering if charlie brown might be the real father. Her head is in the 92 percentile...poor little lady:).
Soon she will have her own weather system. its like spudnick, spherical and pointy in parts. totally kidding. She and braden better have some big brains in there or something.

p.s. Does anyone know what to do with a kid that thinks its a good idea to bite? Braden keeps biting his poor little cousins arm.....soon she will have nothing left.

Monday, September 22, 2008

just a picture of braden

For those of you gals that live far away and don't see braden, here he is. This is a picture of took of him right before mackenzie was born and I thought it was cute. P.s. internet is finally hooked up!!!