Thursday, May 28, 2009

I can laugh now....

So obviously from the past posts, you can tell life has been hectic...but whatever. Josh and I have been having a heck of a time getting qwest to simply set up our make the long story short they had no information on us after they called and confirmed my hook up order and everything...go figure. Anyways yesterday I was so sick of it that I called to get to the bottom of it. I finally spoke with a few guys that spoke english...they were in utah. That was a relief. I finally got on the phone with someone that could help me. Braden was supposed to be down for a nap. While I was getting some complicated information from the nice gentleman, Braden decided to come out of his room and run around screaming and yelling...he could tell I was on a very important call. He realized that I wasnt paying any attention to him so he stopped. When I was just about done with the phone call, I had to enter some codes to get my internet up and running. As I was getting these secret codes and combinations, Braden pulled out the worst stunt ever. I noticed him opening up the refrigerator....then saw him holding something in his hands, and squishing this object....I got a better look and realized it was a stick of butter....then he proceeded to take this stick of butter and rub it all over my clean refrigerator...then he began to rub it on his arms...then all the way down his legs. He was taking a full on bath with my butter...then he decided to suck on it...which made me want to absolutely barf. I could just see his arteries clogging. Luckly I was able to get off of the phone and catch him before he jumped on my couches. I rushed him over to the sink to wash him off, I turned on the water and being the stinker that he is (obviously), he took the sprayer and started spraying me and the kitchen. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Lets just say I posted him on craiglist....just kidding. After I recovered from this horrid experience, I started to laugh because all I could think about was the seinfeld episode were Kramer lubes himself up with baby oil? and newman thinks he looks like a turkey and wants to eat him....hahaha. see I always knew that seinfeld would help me keep my sanity, and find humor in a horrible experience.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In need of some mommy help

So I am sure everyone that has children has at sometime in their life thought "I $DON'T WANT ANYMORE KIDS!!!" This week has been a really trying one for me to say the least. For those of you that are familiar with our little guy braden you know that he has been quite the handful. Everything from the beginning has been hard...lets start with labor shall we...Bradens labor was a good 32 hours before a c-section was offered. He was stuck on my pelvis. At 4 months old he started with ear infections, ended up having to get tubes in his ears because of his horrible ear infections...poor little man. Then he has had a severe speech delay which has caused much frustration for him which has resulted in many horrible horrible temper tantrums which I don't blame him for, I can't imagine how frustrating that would be not to talk. ANYWAYS. The reason for this post is mainly for me to vent about my extremely rough week with this little guy and also to get some comforting words from understanging moms out there....please say someone can make me feel better. You know when your child is giving you a rough time, you often forget that you aren't the only one out there that is contemplating running away with some gypsies. Braden is an extremely strong willed child. I don't want him to loose that strong will, its just hard to deal with a strong willed three year old that pretends he cant hear you, or that he no habla ingles. I understand that he may be having a hard time adjusting to the move and all but I don't know how to fix that. someone, anyone? any and all advice is very welcome.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We made it!!!!!!

So we finally are here in BEAUTIFUL durango colorado. Let me just say, I really don't miss arizona right now....the weather is absolutely awesome here. Josh and I have always hated arizona in the summer time so this is a real nice treat for us. We have to move back at the end of november, which might be ok so that we dont have to experience the real cold season here. I am going to give a quick update on getting are some highlights and low lights if you will....

-Josh was gone for a whole week in durango working and looking hard for a place for us to live...nobody wanted to lease for a six month period so he finally found a place right before he flew home on friday night...keep in mind we moved up on saturday.

-I was home alone for a week which I hated. I had to finish painting and packing up the house by myself.

-The night I needed to finish painting and packing up I threw out my was so awesome.

-My brother-law scott helped me get the moving truck and pretty much single handedly packed up our truck before the elders quorum came over. It took the elders quorum only 30 minutes to finish loading heavy stuff that scott and I couldnt get by ourselves. THANKS SCOTT

-Josh didn't actually get home until like 9 pm because his flight was delayed by 45 minutes.. our good friend isaac picked him up for me so that I didnt have to go out and get him....thanks isaac!!!

-I had sooo much to finish doing friday night but we were both so tired that we just went to bed. We thought we could get it all done saturday morning early. it was alot more than we thought, the last minute stuff always takes the longest for some reason.

-while we were finishing up loading our truck, our cute neighbor from next door came over with money. In her thick chinese accent she told us to take the money to feed braden...we tried to give it back to her but she wouldnt take it. I think she thought braden needed 20 dollars to feed himself...hahahah

-we finally got on the road at noon. we wanted to be gone by 10.

-Braden got to ride with dad in the truck....lets just say he loved it so much that he didn't want to ever get out.

-mackenzie rode with me and didnt make one peep the whole time.

we got into durango at 9:30 pm. it was super dark. I was really anxious to see the new place we would be calling home. As soon as we got in the house, I started to notice how filthy it was. It hadnt been lived in for a while. I sat on the living room floor and had a melt down. I was praying that this was a nightmare. I think I was just tired and wanted to be able to come to a nice clean ready to live in home. So thankfully my vacuum was the first thing out of the truck, along with the kids' beds. As I started to vacuum the kids rooms josh started to put together mackenzie's crib. As I was vacuuming braden's room I came across a huge nasty spider. It pretty much put me over the least I thought. How could anything get worse than this? Just as soon as I finished thinking that, I hear josh yelling in mackenzies room...i was afraid he had found a family of racoons or something in the closet...I ran in to find that mackenzie's crib had broken!!! aaaahhhhh. "I don't get it" i thought to myself, I pay my tithing, I go to church, I don't beat my kids, I limit my consumption of caffenated beverages that I love, I only said one cuss word on the trip up, (ok two)...I say my prayers every night with my husband....aaahhhh...what did I do wrong to deserve this. To make matters worse, mackenzie's play pen was in the mothers attic of the uhaul. it was one of the first things we loaded. Thank goodness josh is a skinny little thing, he was able to squeeze through all of our junk and get it out. We got the kids to bed. We blew up our air mattress and realized we have one blanket and two those of you that know about afgans, they are full of holes. josh, being the polite man that he is offered to sleep with the afgans. half way through the night josh got up to go to the bathroom. when he got into bed, he felt like a 150 pound popsicle. He was shivering....he isn't blessed with all the body fat that i was blessed with. hahaha. Josh and I were so cold we felt like we were camping. I then suggested we turn on the heater....we are retarded, for some reason we didnt think about that before...I mean in arizona, you go to jail if you say the word HEATER in the spring/summer time.

To make this horrible, long story short...things are going super good. we got all moved in, and are loving it....our new ward is great and super small. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. We have some great neighbors. I honestly dont want to leave.
I will write again soon I am sure, hopefully with some actual pictures.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Anyone want to help???

well Friday is the worst part of all of this maddness. I will be picking up the truck sometime friday morning and well, I am gonna start loading it. Josh doesnt get home from durango until that night so i am going to start getting what I can in there. i am only one girl so if anyone would like to help i would appreciate it. we will be working well into the night friday. Please let me know if anyone will be able to help out so I can expect you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Durango Colorado here we come....sniff sniff

ok so Monday morning Josh called me and asked if I was sitting down....I knew something big was coming. He asked how I felt about Durango colorado...all I could think was "what about durango colorado?" He had gotten a call that morning from one of his boss' asking him if we would be willing to move up to Durango to head up a job until it's over in December. Of course we will go. I have been extremely stressed out but it will all be ok. Josh needs to be to work by Monday so that means we will be moving up this weekend. Josh may go up himself then fly back to bring the rest of us up...we will see. I just hope I can get this all done....if anyone wants to lend a hand I will totally appreciate it.