Sunday, January 25, 2009

My most embarrassing moment as a mommy.....

There are so many things that have happened since my last blog entry....holidays etc. But I figure an embarrassing moment takes precedent over all over moments...yes even those magical christmas moments. As you all may know, we have been working with Arizona early intervention program to get Braden some very much needed help for his speech. We started the program back in September. We have had a really nice developmental specialist come a couple of times. Now that he is coming up to his 3rd birthday, he will be at the age where he can attend a special preschool if eligible. In order to be chosen for this wonderful preschool, you have to go through a series of testing with some specialists to see if his speech delay is bad enough to require special schooling. Since Bradens 3rd birthday is the 18th of february, the school district has been in a hurry to get his testing done so that he can be enrolled in school by the time he turns 3.
A few weeks ago, we had an appointment with the schools speech pathologist and school psychologist. We had this appointment at an elementary school next door to the preschool. To make my story make sense, I have to explain what this elementary school was like. It was an all indoor school. one main hall way with all the class rooms along the sides. each class room had big windows where all the kids could see out into the hall way.
Ok, so after Bradens testing was over it was time to go. Braden had been playing with some toys that he wanted to take home with us (of course) Being the strong willed child that he is, he was very angry when I made him leave the toy behind. So.....of course a lovely tantrum began. As I walked down the hall way with a crazy screaming heavy kicking child, I wanted to die. Every child had stopped doing their class work to see what was happening in the hall way. Every teacher was at the window to see me walking by, wondering what in the H@## was wrong with this child. Everyone had ran out of their offices to watch me try to not drop Braden. My favorite was the Librarian...she ran out of the library with her cell phone...probably dialing 911 because it sounded like a child was seriously injured. She asked me over and over..."is this your this your child...whats wrong with him." all I could think was...of course this is my child, do you think in your right mind that I would kidnap a child that was screaming like this? HONESTLY!!!!! I was sooooo embarrassed. I felt like the walk down that hallways was the longest walk of my life....i guess it feels that way when all eyes are on you. Learning stopped for a good 5 minutes that day. The best part about this is that maybe they will see that braden is in need of some help. :)
As soon as I got outside of the school, guess who decided not to scream and cry anymore...thats right Braden. I wanted to absolutely die.
We have a meeting scheduled for the 10th of february to discuss what they specialists have decided to do to help us with our little guy. I hope they offer us the preschool. I know he will do really well and learn so much. We will keep everyone posted.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New post coming soon I promise

I am not sure that anyone is dying for a new post from our end, but just in case that you are, I promise one is coming. I need to download tons of pics before I hold tight.