Sunday, September 13, 2009

our little SWEET AND SASSY lady...

So the past couple of days I have been alittle bit sad about how fast our little baby girl is growing up. Everyday she looks older and bigger to me. She is 1 going on 16. She definitly has got her own agenda. She loves baby dolls and pushing around her shopping cart. Her most favorite thing in the whole world is shoes...I have no idea where she got that!!!! all day long she is bringing me shoes, then she will turn her back to me as a clue for me to pick her up so that I can properly put on her shoes for her. Yesterday she brought me some of bradens spongebob square pants underwear so that she could try them on. It was a fabulous sight to see. If you can picture it, she had a chocolate pudding mustache, some slippers that were way too small for her and some sponge bob underwear on over her diaper. I think after yesterdays outfit she will for sure be in fashion design. She loves to let me do her hair and She loves to have her toe nails painted. She is the sweetest little girl and so easy to love and take care of. You never hear a peep out of her until her brother is trying to steal a toy....she is definitly not a push over...thats why I call her the sweet and sassy little lady. These pictures are a few of her as she has grown the past year and a half....enjoy!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I love this time of year....the summer is on its way out, the leaves will start turning soon and most of all, college football has begun. The greatest memories I have from growing up were watching BYU football. My dad is a huge cougar fan and made us girls huge fans too....we really had no choice cause we only had one t.v. so we were forced to watch, but I must say at least I now have an appreciation for some good old college football. Josh is probably more excited then I am. We will be cheering on our favorite teams...ASU and BYU. Hopefully they can get to a bowl game this season!!!!