Friday, July 24, 2009

My much needed get away....

I know this doesn't look like a pony...Braden was just doing some "mutten busten" Isn't the jam so pretty?

These are my first four loafs of of them I made into a cinnamon roll loaf

I am a bit late posting this but still wanted to anyways. For the fourth of July, and our anniversary, Josh and I took the kids up to beautiful utah to visit with both aunt Amys. We had a great time. Josh, the kids and I were introduced to Amy's new boyfriend Eric. He is a great guy and fun to be around. I also was lucky enough to go to lunch with amy on her birthday. It was alot of fun. Mackenzie and I really enjoyed our lunch with the birthday girl. The next night I went up to Amy's birthday party in South Jordan. Meghan threw the party for was a great party with alot of her closest friends there. It was alot of fun seeing Meghan up there too. Since I was staying with my sister amy in pleasant grove, she offered to watch the kids while I went to the party. I love my kids, but it is nice to be alone sometimes. :) Another couple highlights of my trip were going to Thanksgiving point to the animal farm. It was a super hot day but we had alot of fun. The kids got to ride the ponies there. Braden had a blast!!! I also was taught by my BROTHER IN LAW David how to make jam. I have always wanted to learn and this was a great opportunity for me. We made strawberry jam. It was so much fun and so much easier than I had thought it would be. I will always laugh whenever I make jam because I will remember that my "macho" brother-in-law taught me how. Thanks dave!! Once I got home to durango, I started teaching myself how to make homemade bread. It is a lot of fun. I have lately become extremely cheap and obsessed with trying to stretch a dollar. I think that if I can do something, or make something myself I will do it. It only costs me $.84 to make one loaf of bread. I know thats not saving much and some may think its not worth the trouble, but its a great way to get out aggression :) also, it makes me feel like I accomplished something. This summer has also been "the summer of chocolate covered strawberries". I am absolutely obsessed with making them...there are so easy and absolutely delicious. Josh doens't complain one bit....he likes them more than I do. If I keep basing all of my new hobbies around bread and chocolate I will be over 500 pounds soon....I better take up running or something.


Meghan Carbonneau said...

I should not look at this blog post right now--I'm extremely hungry and your bread looks to die for! Good job with everything! It was fun seeing you too!

Rushele said...

You are hilarious!
The jam, bread and strawberries look so delicious!!! I want some!
My mouth seriously started to water when I saw the cinnamon loaf. I am such a carb feind!
Glad to see you're learning new things that you enjoy! I need that kind of determination....maybe in a couple months after baby is here and life is somewhat normal.