Sunday, September 6, 2009


I love this time of year....the summer is on its way out, the leaves will start turning soon and most of all, college football has begun. The greatest memories I have from growing up were watching BYU football. My dad is a huge cougar fan and made us girls huge fans too....we really had no choice cause we only had one t.v. so we were forced to watch, but I must say at least I now have an appreciation for some good old college football. Josh is probably more excited then I am. We will be cheering on our favorite teams...ASU and BYU. Hopefully they can get to a bowl game this season!!!!

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The Reed Family said...

I am just not the biggest football fan...ok I take that back. I like to watch the end of really exciting games. Kind of like how my mom reads the end of a book and then starts? haha