Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bring It On, Summer

People always wonder how we can stand it in Phoenix during the summer. 'It's so hot!', they say. Well, we have the greatest air conditioning in the states. This summer is compared to harsh winters up north. So, we go from house to car to the store or wherever. From air conditioning to air conditioning. We love the pool and the sprinklers. We love to stay cooped up inside in the afternoon, just like we used to in Durango with all the snow around us. We live close enough to the beach, but don't have to live in California. So, with that, bring on the summer, Phoenix, and let's get it over with, okay? (By the way, this photo was from last summer, we're not yet in summer here, yet!)


Melanie said...

I miss you, friend! Please keep updating the blog! Just so I can see your pretty little face!

Rushele said...

Very true!! Although I hate that going outside means you sweat the death before you get to the next ac!
And I'm very impressed to see a post...way to go!!!!!